New Location!

When I founded The Law Offices of Kurt D. DeVylder, PLLC in March of 2010, I rented a single room office above a vacant retail space that once was Halls Pharmacy.  Over time, the office space grew, Murielle joined the team in 2011, the Downtown Grille Cafe moved in downstairs, and Lilly became an office fixture.  Eventually, no matter how much I hated the leave the town docks and the Grille behind, it became apparent that the firm had outgrown its space and it was time to move on.

In November of 2016, I acquired 18 Union Street, Wolfeboro, NH.  After some extensive renovations, I moved the firm to our new location.  We are still offering the same client services, but are much better equipped to do so in our much larger and more modern space.  I am excited about the move, and hope you’ll stop by to see the new space!


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Fourth Anniversary and Some Thoughts on Mediation

Four years and counting!  I can’t believe that the firm has been in business for so long.  I’m proud of how many client problems have been solved along the way, and am excited by the prospect of working with future clients to resolve their legal difficulties.

Now more than ever before, the New Hampshire system is overburdened and under-resourced.  One unfortunate result is that civil litigation seems to proceed more slowly than ever before.  In my experience, litigants in a family law context are those who most often suffer from this reality.  However, if any positive can be taken from the situation, it is that the frequency of successful participation in mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution has dramatically increased as a result of this problem.

Being properly prepared to participate in alternative dispute resolution is critical to making successful progress.  Far too often, I find that attorneys will arrive at mediation without having met with their client, drafted settlement proposals or even taken the time to examine the case file so as to have a fresh understanding of the issues in play.  I ensure that my clients, and their files, are prepared in advance of the session, with the goal of getting the most out of our time with the third party neutral.

Through alternative resolution, parties involved in civil litigation can take direct ownership over the outcomes of their legal matters.  Instead of leaving the resolution to a judge who may not fully understand all of the variables involved, the parties can sit down with counsel and a mediator and work through their problems to reach a solution that suits their particular needs.  The process not only provides a more expedient resolution, but saves the parties the time, expense, emotional strain and uncertainty of outcome that comes with proceeding through trial.

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Third Anniversary

In going through some old paperwork, I recently came across the initial PLLC filing documents for The Law Offices of Kurt D. DeVylder, PLLC.  The company was created on March 16, 2010, over three years ago!  I took a moment to reflect on all of the changes that have happened since then, the many clients whose legal needs have been met and the friends that have been made along the way.  So many positive things have happened at this lakeside law firm, and I’m truly grateful for them.  I look forward to continuing my work as an attorney, assisting clients from Wolfeboro and the surrounding towns, and working with the great folks at the Ossipee courts, and others, during the decades to come!

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Two Years and Going Strong!

The Law Offices of Kurt D. DeVylder, PLLC, is pleased to celebrate its second anniversary.  Great thanks are due to the individuals and businesses who have utilized the firm’s services over the years.  They have brought us to where we are today, and are greatly appreciated.  Wolfeboro and the surrounding towns are a wonderful place to work and live, and we are excited to continue to serve the community for many years to come!

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New Member of the Team

The Law Offices of Kurt D. DeVylder, PLLC, is proud to welcome Murielle Bonenfant Soucy to the team.  Murielle is a paralegal/legal assistant who brings valuable knowledge, skills, professionalism and experience to the firm.  In the short time since she started, Murielle has streamlined office procedures and addressed client-related matters in a timely, efficient and effective manner.  Her abilities will enable the firm to be even more proficient in providing clients with the service and value that they seek and deserve.  Welcome aboard Murielle!

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Community Pride

Having had the opportunity to become more involved in the community since returning here to open the firm in 2010, I am reminded just how selfless and caring our local inhabitants are.  From fundraisers for local non-profit organizations to volunteering at community events, the people and businesses of the area are second to none in their willingness to give time and resources for the betterment of others.  It is a wonderful hallmark of this community, and is certainly a vital piece of what makes this such a great place to work and live!

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Help Wanted

UPDATE: The position has been filled.  Thank you to those that applied.


Due to the continued growth the firm’s client roster and workload, a need has arisen for a part-time legal secretary.  A successful applicant will possess a strong work ethic, have excellent time management and organization skills, be a self-starter, understand that confidentiality regarding client matters is mandatory and inflexible, and will have at least 3 years of experience as a legal secretary or paralegal.  Proficiency in the Microsoft Office Suite programs is necessary.  Work schedule and hours are flexible.  The position may evolve into a full-time job.  Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume, including 3 references, by mail to Attorney DeVylder.

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18 Month Anniversary

The Law Offices of Kurt D. DeVylder, PLLC is proud to announce its 1.5 year anniversary.  Over these 18 months, the firm has successfully handled the legal matters of hundreds of clients.  Great thanks go out to the individuals and corporate entities that have utilized the firm’s services.

Since opening in late March of 2010, the firm offices have been expanded and upgraded.  Technology updates have allowed the firm to meet the growth in business, and have enabled Attorney DeVylder to remain easily accessible to the firm’s clients.  It is Attorney DeVylder’s priority to respond to client needs in a timely fashion, no matter how busy he may be.

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